Guide in Choosing the Best Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

Being invited to a baby shower is a very exciting event and choosing the best gifts is of utmost importance. Baby showers are a way of sharing blessings and giving support to your loved ones. It is a source of celebration and happiness, full of expectations with the arrival of the newest member of the family. To help you in these joyous occasions, we have created a guide for choosing the best baby shower gifts for girls.

1. Personalization is Key

Personalized gifts are a great way to give your blessings and thoughts for a baby shower. You can personalize your gifts by taking note of the season that the baby will be born into.

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If the baby will be born during the winter season, it is a great way to choose holiday themed gifts. Personalized notebooks or storybooks are among the many options for baby shower gifts. Since the one that you will be gifting for is a girl, take into account the best gifts that a baby girl will need. Another key for personalization is taking the needs of a baby girl into account as she grows. In this case, personalized baby chairs, bibs or hand knit blankets are great presents and will be treasured.

2. Wishlist

Another way to choose gifts for a baby shower is to take note of any baby registry or wish list that the parents need. If there is a baby registry or a list, it will be easier to base your gifts accordingly. Having such a list can also give direction to what the parents want or need and you can use it to determine your steps in choosing personalized gifts.

3. Practical Gifts

Another way to choose the best baby shower gift for baby girls is by going practical. Choose functionality because it provides an important way to connect with parents. Gifts that the baby girl can use is always a treat to behold. Baby brushes, booties and headbands are a great gift set for a baby girl and will be cherished for their functionality. Such gift sets come in soft colors like pink or purple that baby girls will love. These kinds of gifts that are sold in sets and wrapped up in pretty gift boxes can also double as a container for special items in the future.
Headbands and boots for baby girls can be used for upcoming special photoshoots that can be preserved as memories. Gifting something that babies can wear is also a nice way to give love and support to the parents. Baby hooded towels with soft materials can be given to help parents in bathing and capturing special moments. Creative chewing toys that baby girls can easily grip and chew into can also be added. Soft ballerina socks with non-slip rubber grips on its bottom are also ideal to help babies while crawling.

4. Gift Cards

On some occasions, people avoid giving gift cards because they may lack sincerity. Others may love or not like it so much depending on occasion. However, this is different for baby showers as giving gift cards can help parents in shopping for something they want. For moms that are always bridled with the struggle of raising a baby and giving the best necessities, gift cards can be a thoughtful present.
As more parents are struggling to juggle the needs of a baby, be it clothing or food, having gift cards that they can use will always be welcomed. Cards that can be used anytime at malls or for shopping can give parents the luxury and freedom to get what they want. Also, parents can also choose the most important things that they have to buy for their babies. Giving gift cards is a way to show appreciation and help during busy times especially when parents may want to splurge for their babies.

5. Invest in Diapers

Giving diapers as gifts will be a joy for parents as these are one of the items that often run out quickly. Diapers usually take a huge chunk in budgeting for newborn babies. This is why it is still one of the best and most practical gifts to look for. There are different types of diapers to consider. These are namely: hydrating diapers, scented, unscented, organic and disposable diapers. Consider the best factors when choosing diapers, such as: the presence of adjustable tabs, pocketed waistbands, and wetness indicators.
Look for trusted brands that have a great reputation for durability and functionality. Thoughtful considerations can create a big impact in choosing the best diapers and parents will really be glad for it. Giving out wipes with diapers as a pair is also a great way to gift as a set. Since diapers will be used for 3-4 years, it is a great way to support the parents in child raising. It is also advisable to buy size 1 diapers as babies can grow very quickly.
baby in a diaper

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6. Group Gifts

A nice way to give what parents want is to search for gifts like strollers or high chair for babies to use. Although expensive, giving such gifts is a significant way to join with other guests and pitch in to save for such presents. You can team up or organize a group with other guests to save up for these gifts that can last for a long time. There are a lot of options such as: rocking chairs, baby carriers, infant car seats, crib sheets or bedside sleepers. For baby girls, pink baby rockers are ideal and will be a great family gift too.
Stylish diaper bags are another option as these can be used or repurposed for a long time. More so, because babies require a lot of care especially when travelling outside. Diaper bags that can contain other necessities such as bottles, toys and wipes along with diapers are a dream to have. This eases a lot of problems for parents who want to organize all the essentials into a sturdy carrier bag. Along with these, adjustable swaddle blankets provide comfort for babies and ensure warmth for unexpected temperature changes during nighttime. Swaddled babies are more comfortable because it gives the baby an assurance of safety.
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Studies also show that parents who swaddle babies have higher chances of having a peaceful night. Using a swaddle prevents a baby from flailing arms or legs thereby avoiding a startle reflex that can cause the baby to wake up. Giving presents with high durable quality can be used for varied occasions and can serve its purpose many times.

7. Educational Gifts

As parents prepare for a new chapter in their life, planning for educational gifts are ideal for baby showers. Fun innovative presents that can improve the cognitive skills of an infant are better ways to support child development. Such gifts can play a major role in teaching children to play and comprehend various scenarios. For babies that are 1-12 months old, it is advisable to give gifts that can provide improvement to their senses. As such, gifts that encourage sensory play are very helpful and can also promote child movement.
Educational toys such as blocks, portable toys with sounds or light-up mats can contribute to stimulating hand-eye coordination. Just make sure that the toys that you buy are very safe to play with. Ask for toys that are the most suitable for babies. It also helps to get advice from other moms who had experience in buying educational toys. You can also give theme presents that center on discoveries or play sets that introduce animal sounds. This can help in bolstering child curiosity especially for books that make sounds or have textures that babies can touch. Providing gifts that encourage fun activities for baby showers can help nurture the mind and development of newborns.

8. Special Keepsake

Gifts that are hand picked and specially thought for scream uniqueness and originality. Giving gifts on baby showers that can be appreciated by your loved ones should evoke originality and safety. Nothing can be more moving than giving gifts that are sustainable and also provide good quality. Look for products made and created by passionate brands with care because these are one of a kind presents. Such gifts that can be kept and used over the years as a keepsake are a hit for a baby shower.

9. Baby Essentials

Giving presents that are essential for babies because it helps a lot in planning and child rearing. For baby showers, you can provide delicately scented baby moisturizing lotions or shampoos. Baby essentials are ideal and practical for everyday use. Along with these, giving cozy onesies is important for helping parents get through the first few months after pregnancy. Baby bottle warmers can also be given for baby girls because of the functionality it provides. These are essential because a mother may find it difficult to breastfeed all the time especially during busy occasions. To help ease this burden, baby bottle warmers keep the right temperature of milk for babies. An expectant mother will likely thank you for this gift as it will prove to be very useful in the near future.
Choosing the best baby shower gifts can be a daunting task at first because of the many choices provided. But as long as that gift is filled with sincerity, it will surely be felt by the receiver. These optional gift choices vary from functionality and practicality but are unified in a single essence. There is an assurance that such gifts can be beneficial for the parents in giving joy and ensuring happiness to the child. Attending baby showers are a way of expressing joy by giving blessings and should be thought of carefully. Thoughtful gifts go a long way especially for the most essential ones.