About Us

A Passion for Family

CMM Creations exist to bring gifts that can be enjoyed and treasured by the whole family and loved ones.

We are committed to producing quality products that will take part in life's heartwarming moments of pure delight and happiness. Moments that will stay in every loved one's heart no matter how many years have passed. True to our maxim that the best moments in life deserve the best gifts, we are committed to producing timeless, everyday pieces that a loved one can use.


Our Story : Gifts from a Grandmother's Heart

CMM Creations is a family-owned business run by a doting grandmother who has a passion of creating good quality and sustainable products for her adorable children and grandchildren.


Goal and Vision

Our goal is to build a popular long-lasting brand with integrity and empathy in mind for our customer.

We aim to provide good quality products and accessories initially for the female audience which will then expand to the needs of dads and other male audiences in the near future.